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About Lara

As a first-generation immigrant, my passion for gaming became a compass guiding me to the heart of the industry. Growing up with gamer parents, I decided that at the age of 17, I would leave Brazil, my country of home, to study and establish myself in the Gaming Industry, and hopefully, get good enough to beat my Mom in Pokemon. Since then, my journey has been fueled by determination and diverse experiences. From the halls of animation studios to game publishers, from the digital landscapes of gaming media websites to the competitive arenas of esports, I can say I've gone and done the thing.

Gaming isn't just my career; it's my passion. I believe in the transformative power of storytelling and the versatility of video games to create immersive experiences. Beyond the production booth, I've proudly embraced the role of a content creator with a decade-long journey representing triple-A brands worldwide. This journey has not only allowed me to stay at the forefront of industry trends but also forge meaningful connections within the gaming community.

Join me on this exciting journey where creativity meets strategy, and together, let's continue pushing the boundaries of what gaming and esports can achieve.

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Talent Representation

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